[ Tale Of The Wolf ]

The Story About SilverTail The Wolf and The Northland Wolf Pack

...It all started with
one massive wolf...

Cross Moonden is one of the few baywolves known to exist in Lofwen. A "Bay wolf" is about three times the size of a regular wolf and are rare in most of the world. Some say they came from the southlands, where no one dares to tread.

We're about to learn about life in the Northland through the eyes of one. He's dedicated to the Northland Wolf Pack and is going to lead them into success and safety.

Meet Cross Moonden and his daughter SilverTail!

Map of Lofwen
property of r.carnie littlefield

lofwen & "The Den"

This is a growing map of Lofwen - the world in which these Northlanders live. There are thousands of animal species across Lofwen that are warring with each other or living in peaceful coexistence, but all of which tend to keep away from the Northland. Combined with the harshest winters ever known, the steep mountains of the Northland make it an unwelcome place for most species.

The Northlanders are a rare kind that welcome the challenges of this unforgiving snow-covered world. They live in "The Den" a safe forest haven deep within the sequoia trees nestled at the base of FangFell Mountain - one of the largest mountains in the North.

Meet the Northlanders!

Below are the Northlander Pack as we know them so far. TWO DONE, SIX PENDING.

I hope this helps you keep better track of all of them! Who is your favorite Northlander?

NOTE: A "Hide" is the term the Northlanders have for a specialist or master of a certain field. For example, the Pack Doctor LockJaw is called the "Bone Hide" since he's the medical specialist.

Cross Moonden
"The Pack Leader"

StarShadow 'Sha'
"The Inspiration"

Captain GruffNeck "The Ranger Hide"

"The Bone Hide"

General Grimteeth
"The War Hide"

"The Green Hide"

DustTail & FlashTooth


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