a disability doesn't define her...
it shouldn't define you.

It's about overcoming adversity.

I started writing SilverTail and The Northlanders because I wanted to read a victory story about weaknesses, disability, fear and learning to overcome them all as a family.

There are tons of great children's stories out there discussing these topics; I simply wanted to contribute my vision as well. I want children with different life challenges to read this book and see that they aren't alone, they aren't the only ones, and that

they can overcome their own challenges too.

Why Wolves?

Wolves are loyal, fierce, loving, and fantastic examples of surviving against the harshest conditions or challenges. I wanted to bring attention to the struggles that wolves in our world deal with - while also using them as a great example of the challenges any kid might go through.

I have written wolves with physical problems like missing feet, eyes, ears, etc. and wolves that are facing mental disabilities like autism, ADD, anxiety, depression, and more. My point is to show that we all have a place in society and can contribute in our own unique ways, no matter what we're dealing with.

My biggest hope is that someone with any sort of mental or physical disability will be able to read this series and think "If SilverTail can do it, I can do it too!"

This woman calms my world. <3

We all struggle in our own way.

My name is Richard Carnie Littlefield and I deal with anxiety, and add. I've dealt with depression before. I'm grateful that I've had a blessed life in so many ways to allow me to grow around and through those issues. They've been manageable. My prayer is that others can see their own strength through my stories. We're all in this life together, and I'm no better at telling it than anyone else.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my passion!

I've watched kids grow through encouragement...

Having worked with kids at Gospel Brunch and at Hope Chapel across a variety of events; I've been lucky enough to see them grow in skills and creativity when given the chance to shine. I think SilverTail can be a new inspirational story that they can enjoy and learn from and (one day) add to!

The "art by r.carnie" painting tent at Gospel Brunch
( Used to take place third Sunday of every month )

Need to Talk?

I'm not a specialist, expert, or qualified mental health expert in any way shape or form; but I'm human and I know what struggle feels like.

If you're in a really dark place, message me, message someone. You don't have to do it alone.

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