about silvertail

Imagine you're threatened with death the moment you're born. running away from everything you've ever known to try and survive alone...

It begins with a Trial...

Cross Moonden is a massive baywolf and a hopeful would-be new Pack Leader for the Northlander Wolf Pack. Our story begins where he begins, as a challenger in the Trial Of Rings - a test to choose the rightful next Pack Leader.

The Northlanders

The Northlanders live ...in the Northland (Duh!). A harsh mountain landscape with lush forests and deep caves at the base of most of the mountain ranges. They have a secret cove somewhere in the sequoias that serves as their homeland called "The Den".

Started years ago...

I started writing SilverTail loosely more than ten years ago, but it never really 'took hold' until my wife and I met some really nice people on our honeymoon cruise who made me realize the importance of this sort of book. Raising awareness as an author is one way I can contribute to the greater whole. I want to educate myself on autism, disability, and the ways that different people achieve greatness no matter what they face. I hope I help educate you too.

"Raising Awareness as an author is one way I can contribute"

-- R. Carnie

Stay Tuned For Book 1:
"SilverTail And The Northlanders" !